5.1/2 weeks pregnant, can I eat crab (crab Mug) ?

Hello, mommies I’m 5.1/2 weeks pregnant and I craving for crabs, is there any problem to eat them? Looking for advice. Thanks

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Hi... pregnant mums are encouraged to satisfy their cravings BUT in moderation. You can eat whatever you like but not for 3 meals a day for weeks and months. Remember to live healthily and enjoy your pregnancy... 😍

3y ago

I always love this kind of answers instead of those “cannot this cannot that” type. So stressful to hear from them. It’s not that I’m devouring them by the tonne. I love soft boiled eggs or the ramen eggs and I even asked gynae if I can take it. He said can. (The few times I’ve eaten we’re from fine dining places and once at home with fresh eggs just bought from market) But I will have friends say no u cannot, u better don’t ah. Ahhhhhh.....I’m also not eating everyday. Just once in a long while if I feel like having. Sigh

Hi, is good to have cravings but please ensure that the shell seafood are well cooked and moderate the amount you eat. Especially when you are in your first trimester.

my gynae always say "why cannot eat? just eat in moderation". and make sure its fresh and well-cooked. enjoy your pregnancy! :)

Can eat but not too much shells seafood, if not kid tend to have sensitive skins next time.

3y ago

Oh thanks, I don’t have skin problem when eating seafood, I’m trying not to eat them much during first trimester.

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Yes can eat crabs make sure it’s fully cooked and eat in moderation always.

Crabs are fine. Eat in moderation. Just make its fully cooked :)