Afraid of giving birth πŸ˜”

Hi mommies! I'm on my 30 weeks already and I'm reading a lot of birthing related stories especially about PAIN and LABOR. My husband and I kinda argue about it because he doesn't want me to read about those kind of things but I'm a FTM so i research on what to do and what not. Any advice? It would really help thank you! I'M REALLY SCARED ABOUT GIVING BIRTH!!!! #firstbaby #pleasehelp #pregnancy #advicepls

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It's good to do a research so at least you will familiarized with procedure during the labor. The pain is really the first step to motherhood, but I know you can do it. Seeing your baby will take all the pain away.

Hi mommy! You're doctor is there to guide you. The pain will be worth it, kaya yan! God bless you and the babyπŸ’œ

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Ohh no! Grabe naman yung clinic mommy, but you're in better hands now. I pray for you and your baby's health and safety πŸ’œ