Carreer Over Family

Hi Mommies, I used to be in the Corporate World. I am doing Sales for 5 years in 1 of the Largest Surveying and Mapping Firm in the Country. My typical work includes traveling all over the country and even abroad. When I gave birth to my 2nd baby, my husband wanted me to focus in taking care of the kids and we both agreed. As a carreer woman, it was really a huge adjustment for me to make. It's been a year since I resigned from my job. I am longing for something. I really feel I am bound to do something. I really love my kids and I love taking care of them. I have high respect and regard to all stay at home moms who takes care of their family! ❤️ Sharing a photo of my typical day now. Glad I was able to find an online opportunity where I can be with my family and become a carreer woman at the same time! Do you also want to start monetizing your Facebook Screen Time? #FamilyOverCarreer #WorkFromHome #MumHustle #MomPreneur

Carreer Over Family
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How i wish mommy. How i wish.