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Hello mommies! I am new here. I feel like I need to get this out of my chest. I am very worried and been having anxiety attacks lately. Last period was Aug 28 and I missed it on Sept 28 which was suppose to be my next due date. Took an hpt on Oct 1 and it came out positive, took another one on Oct 3 and still positive but when we went for a transvaginal ultrasound on Oct 4 (this is 5 days after my missed period) nothing was seen even a gestational sac. Today I am 21days late and is having some pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts, nausea and vomiting, food aversions and mild cramps that only lasts for few seconds to few minutes. No spotting at all. Did we do the ultrasound too early? By the way I took another hpt yesterday afternoon (wanted to try na hindi first morning urine and see if it differs) and it still came positive.

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Possible. Just to share my experience with my first baby My LMP was July 29, took a PT on Sept 3 which was positive. Since we were having our APE the doctor requested for a TransV ultrasound to confirm. Nothing was seen in the UTZ. I went to another OB for a 2nd opinion. I was advised to repeat the TransV when after 2 weeks, which was 8 weeks after my LMP. We I got the repeat TransV we finally saw the baby's heart beat. One of the best days of my life.

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Thanks mommy! This made me feel a bit better. I am praying hard for it to turn out well soon ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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Ako din po mam ganyan din po. Pinababalik ako after a week po.kasi nagpaultrasound po ako 5weeks and 5days po ako. Im worried also but pray lang po tayo magiging okay din po.sabi po ng kamag anak ko too early pa siguru po.Godbless po

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During my pregnacy, as early as 5 weeks I already have a gestational sac and a heartbeat. Better ask your OB regarding this. God bless. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Better to consult to your ob again and have yourself checked again. And yea, maybe its just too early for an ultrasound.

Too early thats why walang nakita na kahit ano. Try on your 8th week

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yes too early pa. balik ka ulit sa ob 7 wks and up meron na makikita

Siguro po. Ako nga 15weeks nako nagpa transv e.