Stop latching baby

Hi mommies, I have been latching my baby and started introduced bottle to her as she will be entering IFC. However, teacher has advised me to stop latching my baby at night due to her rejecting milk bottle? So do i really need to stop latching her? How to get her to drink bottle? Any bottles that closest to nipple shape?

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Super Mum

You don’t have to stop latching your baby. It takes a while for babies to get used to the bottle in infant care. My girl took 3-4 days to get used to drinking from bottle in infant care. She currently latches at night and during weekends. 19 months old now! There are ways to get her to drink from the bottle. Consistency is key. Try to replace 1 feed with a milk bottle once a day and get someone else to feed (your husband or parent). You can google “paced feeding” and use a small teat size to help your baby get used to the bottle. My girl is using Pigeon bottles. You can join some breastfeeding support group such as BMSG for tips and advice on breastfeeding

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