Hello mommies and future mommies! Can I ask for a little favor from you? It won't take much of your time. Could you please leave a HEART REACTION "❤️" on the photo on this link? Other reactions are not counted so please make sure you press the HEART REACTION ❤️ Doing so would be a big help for me especially for my son considering this is his first time joining a contest. You can mention your friends too if you want to kill some time. Your effort will be very much appreciated. THANK YOU and have a great day! 💕 If you happen to have a baby living in your home from ages 0-10 years old, you can also let them join this contest! All you have to do is pick the cutest picture of your baby and register them for Batch 6. Prizes are given for 1st-10th placers from 4000 down to 100 pesos and all participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Just like this page and message them. If they ask you who invited you just tell them Angela Bobier 😉

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done mommy😉👍goodluck! Will try to join for the next batch