How early do mummies do the gestational diabetes test?

Mine was scheduled at week 24, I was kinda sad my "freedom" days are gone soon as I think I have high chance of having GD because my immediate fam has it and I can feel low blood glucose after a meal before preg (that makes me worry my insulin is not working well) I don't eat much sweet stuff, just once in a blue moon, but I do enjoy the freedom to eat without diabetes like strict diet... #pregnancy #GestationalDiabetes#advicepls

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Mine was supposed to be done at wk 28. However due to a urine test on wk 20+1, my sugar level was pretty high even after 1h plus. Gynae felt smth not right and got me to do the glucose test the following day. Indeed my glucose test was mad, couldnt come down after 2 hours. Got referred immediately to c endocrine. My mum had GD when she had me, that makes my chances even higher. Having this baby stopped alot of my sugar cravings. Anyway dont worry too much, let nature takes its course. I initially felt pretty the-end-of-world feeling. Now accept it. My endocrine doctor is asking me to go on insulin jabs to get more nutrients because she is worried im not eating enuf. I totally stopped eating rice n only take in dishes.. 😂

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