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- Menses regular - Test for ovulation peak day - Had sex on ovulation day - 14 DPO but not pregnant - Delivered 2 years ago - Health screening check up, doctor say everything is good. There's no issue and my body is more than prepared to have another child. - Hubby sperm also a lot. But I'm not preg. Despite all the preparations I did. Has anyone face the same issue before? Had sex on ovulation day but is not pregnant? I'm quite disappointed that I'm not preg... As I really want my children to have a near age gap and I'm wondering if my method is wrong. I'm trying to conceive on ovulation day.

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It’s not enough to only have sex on ovulation day. During the week of ovulation must be sexually active, best is alternate days. Also, lie in bed for 2 hours before washing. These are advice from my gynae which caused me to conceive my first child.