May I know if I can machine wash this BabySafe Brand pillow? I bought it one year ago and wish to use for my newborn.

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Hi, Here are the care instructions from BabySafe website (same set of instructions for their newborn, infant and kid pillows): ( Hand wash with mild detergent is highly recommended. If machine wash, use a laundry net. Rinse well in cold water Press or roll latex foam carefully between two highly absorbent materials to squeeze out water Do not wring or tumble Dry under fan/warm air DO NOT EXPOSE TO DIRECT HEAT OR SUNLIGHT

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I don't machine wash and heard that it is not advisable to do so. Just hand wash it and dry it in the open. Not necessarily to use machine. However, should you really need to use a machine, you may wish to put inside a net before washing.

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Hand wash is best as it'll make the pillow last longer. But I just threw mine into a laundry net and washed it in the machine on delicate cycle.