May I know How much feeds does one month old baby have a day? My baby is crying for milk every 2-3hr a day and I'm trying to delay longer hr in the night as really tired if I'm going back to work soon.

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Generally, babies who are breastfed exclusively take in an average of 25 oz (750 ml) per day when they are between the ages of 1-6 months, a typical range of milk intake is 19-30 oz/day (570-900ml/day). Most of my breastfeeding friends who are also career women tend to "tank" baby up in milk before bedtime. They would breastfeed baby when he or she is close to falling asleep. Apparently this keeps them full longer.

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It's totally norm for baby at this age to drink 2-3 hrly (if you are bfing ur lo) as their stomach is small and cannot tank as much as older baby. there will be time that baby drink hrly as they having growth spurt. jia you mummy.

Totally normal if you're breastfeeding as you'd want to build up supply as well. At 1 month (for breastfeeding mummies) Aim 8-12 feeds in 24 hours. 1 month old is too young to be dragging their feeds. Feed on demand, bearing in mind that at 1 month old babies cry for a multitude of reasons

2-3 hours is quite normal for a 1-month old. in fact, I read somewhere that it's not advisable to drag more than 4 hours for a newborn. meaning if the baby sleeps for more than 4 hours you should wake him/her for a feed. this is for breastfed newborns.

This time range is normal for a breastfed baby at that age. My baby was like that but don't worry it'll get better. If you are comfortable with co-sleeping with baby at night that'll help as you can just nurse side lying. Hang on there mummy.

If u r breastfeeding it's totally normal. I used to feed my bb every 2hrs, basically feed on demand. No choice cos they still young, but as they grow older like mayb 3mo onwards U can drag every 3-4hrs

2-3hourly is quite normal. you can slowly drag the hours in the night like another additional half hr. my lo now 3months old is having 4hrly during MOTN and 2.5hrly in the day.