Eating steak while pregnant

Hi mamas, do you have steak while pregnant? As I’m travelling soon and wondering if I should book a good steak restaurant. do you think it’s ok to take medium well steak?

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My gynae gave me the go-ahead to eat medium rare steak so long as it's from a reputable restaurant lol. Same logic for sashimi. Eat from those reputable Japanese restaurants instead of Genki/Sushiro. I ate these in moderation of course and didn't go crazy over them.

I didn't risk it, and had all my meat fully cooked. Maybe don't waste your money on a good steak restaurant, well done steaks not very nice anymore haha

Everyone will say different things! Some gynae say ok while some takes the better safe than sorry approach. It all depends on ur comfort level ba:)

Once in a while can, i did have it as i was craving so bad

I had that many times already. medium well


yes! 💗