Hi lovely mummies, May I ask does any mummies out there experience bleeding gums during pregnancy as this is my first pregnancy not sure if its the symptoms or normal.. I'm going in to 17 weeks soon. If you guys did experience what did you guys do ? Thanks ❤️

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yes it is normal .. my gums still bleeding at 26weeks .. i used to use mediam toothbrush, now i use soft bristles toothbrush .. more gentle on my teeth and gums ..

same. i had swollen gums when entering 2nd tri.. went to dentist for scale & polish then changed to softer bristles and become more diligent to brush and floss.

I bleed a lot. But after using mouthwash gargle longer. It kinda lessen and stop abit of the bleeding.

dentist say it’s normal. Just be more careful when brushing

4mo ago

oh thanks 😊

I do bleed gum when brushing teeth since preg

4mo ago

I didn't as some mention it's due to hormones