My LO seems to be teething at 3mo. She refuses to latch for long and chews on her hands/fingers non stop. She's also crankier than usual.. Is it possible for a baby to teeth so early? What can we do to ease her pain?

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It could be like Kim mentioned, it could be more of "exploration chewing". Babies tend to put things into their mouths because they want to find out what a certain object feels like. They have more nerve endings in their mouth, which can help them figure out the objects around them. Also, they have not developed fine motor kills to help them stroke, or explore the objects. They are likely to continue this form of “exploration” till they are two. To differentiate between teething and the “exploration” chewing, look out for teething signs such as increased drooling and swollen gums. For more information on this, you can check out this article: Hope this helps!

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I have read that because the developmental rates is different from every baby, it is possible for babies to start teething at 3 months old. You can see if your baby is displaying any of these other signs that are commonly associated with teething: - irritability or fussiness - drooling (could lead to facial rash) - gum swelling and sensitivity - gnawing or chewing behaviour - refusing food - sleep problems To help soothe the pain, you can give her something to chew on (such as chilled rubber teething toys), massaging your baby's gums, and giving her lots of cuddles and attention. For more information, you can refer to this article:

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i think not, cos mostly baby grow teeth at about 5month to 6month old, maybe only your baby like to chewing for playing. can give your baby some baby toys for chewing. so your baby won't chew his/her fingers.