My lo can pull herself up to stand a few days before she turn 7months, currently she's 7.5mths & this new milestone is disrupting her sleep. She used to fall asleep soon after we put her down but she will now take about an hour standing up at the cot while we put her down repeatly until she eventually gets tired. I am now worried if it's appropriate for her age to be standing up so often.she is able to pull herself up, stand inside her cot & move around the cot while holding the cot rail, will it affect her hip development since she is still so young? Should I be concern? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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My daughter can stand with support at around 7 months also but surprisingly, she only started walking without support around 14 months. Now she's 3yo and she goes Macritchie Treetop walk with us, completing about 80% of the walk on her foot (remaining 20% carried by the dad...haha!). I don't think standing at a young age will affect their hip development. It just shows that they have strong legs and don't worry, when they are tired they will sit or lie down for sure. The real challenge now is how to make her fall asleep easily when she is put in the cot! Maybe you shouldn't put her in there too early. Else, you will just have to stick around till she falls asleep. And remember to lower your cot to the lowest level, now that she can stand up in the cot. It may also be worth considering letting her to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Safer that way...

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5y ago

Thanks a lot for sharing. Yea I have lower down my cot ever since she could get up herself...she flips all over her cot at night, and when she wakes up in the middle of night, she will stand up unconsciously and cry as well, so mattress on the floor might not be able to contain her, I may wake up not being able to find her haha.. As for her standin up, do you still remember if your lo's foot are pararrel like us adults when she stands or are they facing outwards? Mine stands with both feet pointing out almost forming a line instead of pararrel, thats why I was concern..