my lo been stung by bee! T. T we observed him, bring him to pd. the pd said it's OK to see his face swollen, just observe if there is fever or blood in urine. still very worry.. any ways to reduce the swell on the face? look at him.. *heart pain

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Oh, poor thing. I'm not sure if your PD, prescribed antihistamine. If not, then it should be fine. You can also apply ice to the affected area tor reduce the inflammation. It will go away in a couple of days. It may or may not leave a little bruising in the affected area so do not be alarmed. It will also go away.

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Oh dear, hope ur LO is recover now since it's like almost a week already, if it's not recover, or got worst or more pain, do visit pd or another pd again for advise.

If PD is happy then your LO is not having a bad reaction, just keep an eye on him, it'll go down soon. No need to panic, it's just a bee sting.

definitely keep him well hydrated and take the meds the docs say consistently and according to the doc's frequency! :)

Oh dear.. must be quite uncomfortable for him. Offer lots of hugs and kisses. Hope the swelling goes down soon!!

oh no, get well soon