My lo is 9 months and below is her current routine with 5 milk intake and 2 solids, can anyone advise if this is ok? Should i be increasing her solids intake or isit ok to retain her current milk intake. 5-6am Milk (she will wake up for milk and continue to sleep till 7am) 10am Milk 1130-12noon Cereal with fruits 2pm Milk 5pm Milk 6.30pm Porridge with vegge 8.30pm Last milk feed before she sleep

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The current routine sounds great! There's no need to increase her solids intake because milk is still the main source of nutrients until she's 1 year old, so you can stick to your current routine :) Maybe in a month or so (or even now!), you can experiment with firmer textures and finger foods - things that will help to train motor skills while learning how to eat by herself too! It can get messy, but don't worry about it - messes can always be cleaned up.

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