How to differentiate milk rash, baby acne or other skin problems.

My LO is 2 month plus 6 days, the redness on his cheeks don't seem to go away. During his sleep, it's not obvious, after he is awake or when he kept brush his face, the redness became obvious. During his second month vaccination, we check with the nurse and she said its normal, will go away by its own. I'm not sure if I should bring LO to see his PD, any mummies encounter the same issue? Thanks

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Super Mum

Hi Esther, Thought this link would be helpful: Mamas have tried using breastmilk to dab on the skin a little to make baby acne go away. If it’s just the face and not the rest of the body is should be either acne or milk rash. Speaking from my experience. But if you’re really concerned I would suggest seeing a PD.

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