Picky Eater (11 Months Old)

Hi! My LO (11 months) recently doesnt want to eat soft food (eg. Porridge, cereal, yoghurt) and not keen for fish/meat/rice too. She is on BLW. Pls advice how to re-introduce these food to her again? Thank you in advance!

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Super Mum

I tend to give my LO (coming to 8 mths) 3-4 things for each meal now. Haha. All have different tastes and textures. For the things I know she struggles with, I start with that first, then reward her with other things she likes after.. For eg. She’s now struggling with baby pasta (just introduced 2 days ago), so I start with that (with some fish or vegetable puree). Then I give her yoghurt and prune puree, which she loves (and gets her bowels moving too. Heh) After that, I give her the flesh of the grape (her absolute favourite) so that she gets some chewing done. Other things I sometimes give for varied tastes/textures: baby bites/Gerber puffs, spinach and potato puree (more starchy than regular purees, so it’s a different skill set for her to use to eat it), other soft fruits (slightly blended). Essentially she knows that her meal is not monotonous, that she’ll get to eat many different things, in small quantities each.. so she usually eats heartily. Haha.

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2y ago

Oh okok! Usually i will put the food items all together 😅 will try with that method! Hopefully she buys in! Thanks for advice