Baby's out !!

Literal na Labor's Day !! 不 My PCOS and Gestational Diabetes Baby @ 39 weeks and 6 days Name: CHAD NATHAN Weight: 3KG /6.6lbs Via Normal Delivery EDD: May 2, 2021 DOB: May 1, 2021 #1stimemom #firstbaby

Baby's out !!
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congratulations.. waiting for my first baby ko din toh..may gestational diabetes din..34 weeks & 1 day..

congrats mommy same tayu may gdm din naka gamit kaba ng insulin

Wow! God is good God bless you both and congrats

congratulations po! ang cute2 ng terno ni baby

congrats mommy! nakaraos na kayo ni baby

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Hello baby Chad! Congratulations mommy!

congrats mommy...ano po pala ung pcos??

Congratulations Mamsh!!!

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wow. congrats po mommy

congrats po mommy 塔