Feed then poop then immediately wants to feed again

Hi all! Would like to ask if it's normal after feeding baby (~ 15 days old), baby poop, and baby wants to be fed again? We were worried if we might be overfeeding baby by doing so... #FTM

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Hi mommy, From my own experience, my baby sleeps or plays after feed, that is when I know he is getting enough. However, if the baby seems to be hungry, you may try checking if he is able to get enough milk from you if you are breastfeeding, if not, you may try giving the baby more milk formula but make sure to give little at a time and see if the baby still wants milk. They will stop once full.

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if the baby wants milk, it's fine to give. They may gain weight rapidly for a while, but it'll eventually taper off and they'll be at a normal weight after tt

poop during newborn phase will often be hungry. wait till the phase where they no poo for 4-5 days....

Yes, I rmb my baby was like that

Yes just fed on demand…