Fading symptoms at almost 11 weeks? Is this normal?

Hello ladies! I’ve been having HORRIBLE symptoms and all-day nausea/vomiting for the past few weeks(week 7-9) now I’m almost at 11 weeks (about 10 weeks 5 days) and suddenly I feel much more energetic and my nausea is not really here anymore? I have been on diclectin, but even for the past few weeks I’ve been having bad symptoms even with the meds. Now I’m afraid something is wrong because my nausea feels like it suddenly just turned off? My boobs soreness is also now limited to my nipples. Am I being paranoid? Is this normal? Please help! I’m afraid it might be lost again as I had a miscarriage this March. #1stimemom

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Hi mummy, I’m experiencing the same now at week 10. My morning sickness symptoms like subsided. Not sure if it’s normal. Are you ok now?

4mo ago

Hello! Yes I am. I hope you are doing well too? Sorry for the late reply! I didn’t know anyone replied :(