8 months sipping water using straw

Do you know how i can train my 8 months baby to sip water using straw? I bought the straw cup from pigeon. Any steps?

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They will just get it one day. We spoon fed our baby for quite a long time cos he couldnt use the straw, until my husband decided to tease him with a packet drink (sugar free crysanthemum) and suddenly he took a sip. Then from then on he just took to the straw cup.

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keep at it 💪💕

for me, she just suck the straw tho. i didnt even know that she can do that. eventho her cup is a sip cup

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They just know how to drink I never give my baby sippy cup at all one day I took my packet drink happily teasing her I know she can't suck but she did and use straw cup straight.

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Just let your LO keep drinking with the cup. Onenday your LO will figure it out :)

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Just let your baby fiddle and explore under supervision. My LO couldn’t initially, but one day she suddenly jist managed to.