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My kids didn't close the freezer door properly where my milk stash are placed and all the milk has just slightly been defrost although they're still slushy. I immediately put the freezer on power freeze. Should be ok right? #advicepls #pleasehelp #breastfeeding

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My freezer suddenly died overnight that made a whole stash of breastmilk from frozen to liquid. What did you think I did with them? Re-freeze them.. bad idea cause when I thawed to give baby, it smelled sour and she didn’t finish every time I gave it to her. She also had watery stools and tummy ache.

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4w ago

Mine hasn't turned to liquid yet and they're still slushy. I Googled and it said it's fine to freeze back as long as they're still slushy or ice crystal and they're not completely defrosted. Will check if it smell sour when it's time to give to my baby.

Hi yes can refreeze but try to use those nearer to the door first and always do a smell-taste test before giving to baby.

4w ago

Hi yes, I've refreezed them. Will do a smell test when I'm giving to my baby.

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hmm ..i would try to finish up asap in the next few days to have a piece of mind. can use as milk bath etc..

4w ago

Impossible to finish in the next few days cos I have a whole large tray of milk stash and my baby latches directly.