Sudden rashes

Hi, I’ve never had rashes before but im on my last tri n recently been having rashes on my chest area n it so itchy, can anyone advice on why this happen? Any recommended products for me to get to stop this rashes?

Sudden rashes
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I personally like Suubalm lotion (formulated by national skin centre), can buy from watson/guardian etc. It has menthol in it, so there is a cooling effect when I apply to reduce the itch sensation, and yet moisturising at the same time. I'm always itchy all over especially at night, so this is my personal life saver. If moisturisers can't solve your problem, can consider seeing a GP to get a mild steroid cream. Works wonders. Good luck and hope you find relief soon!❤

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Get aloe Vera gel to relieve the itch and moist it. My friend had the same exact type of rash you are having and myself having another type of rash. Given hydra moisturizer after seen a GP. The weather these days and the hormones are the contributing factors. =(

I had the same rash during my second trimester but it was on my tummy. Gynae recommended ‘Basic’ Emolin (for bath) and the AquaCream (for moisturiser). Very cheap in pharmacy and it works well for me. Avoid using any steroids ok?

i use mopiko for cooling effect to reduce itch during day time and basic aquacream to mositurize every night

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Heat rash? When I was pregnant I got hot so much more easily and these days the weather has been so bad!

I used calamine lotion