Week 8 - feeling like crap

Isit normal to feel hungry and nausea at the same time? I have zero appetite for food but if I don’t eat I will end up feeling nauseous. Sigh…. I didn’t know pregnancy is this tough. I just want to go back to eating normally….

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I feel you. I get hungry like 2 hours later after eating. Try to take small meals. When my MS is at peak, less than 10 mins after eating i will 🤮. Try to find food (e.g plain crackers) or drinks which make u feel better. I always crave in to sweet drinks and sour gummies.

same! as tempting as it is to eat sour and spicy food, best to avoid spicy as it gives heartburn as well. I just eat a lot of bee hoon soup during this period. I eat every 2-3hours and I eat only half meals like. an egg and a bun or half bowl of noodles.

too hungry, I get gastric and want to throw up. Too full, I get bloated and want to throw up. I guess thats why they say, eat smaller meals but often. Cos our intestines are working slower than usual. So you cant eat your usual portion

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it's pretty normal on the early pregnancy period. mine lasted 3months (1st 3mos, going 4). You gotta eat something, and it should be healthy. Avoid greasy & junk foods.

same haha! sometimes I'm not even sure if I'm too hungry or feel like vomiting. I feel that those sachet cereal drinks do help. maybe can try

yeah it happens to me to. so I found the sweet spot where I eat small meals throughout the day instead. keeps the hunger and nausea away

I feel you. Im struggling too. I tried fresh fruits and it does helps alittle.

Same here! I feel you. Hopefully it will go away soon for us!


same here :( really struggling

Yes. I feel you 😥