Isit normal to feel breathless at 5months? At times i would be breathless all of the sudden

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same.. breathless and felt suffocated, mostly every 2-3 days i will experience that. I had no treatment and always practice a deep breathing method when it occurs. Sometimes i changed my position to standing up till it gets better, or to at least sit up..

It could also be due to heavy meals. Instead of 3 meals a day, try to have 5 small meals and snacks in between. For me, taking a bath somehow helps me in relieving my breathlessness...

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This is similar to heart burn, its is common. I experience that and even when I speak I need to catch a breathe

I feel it only recently. Walking just short distance now will leave me a little breathless

2y ago

Same as me. Especially now have to wear mask making it worst. The cloth mask is making me breatheless and want to faint . But if I don't go out buy grocery home has nothing. Im only 15 weeks.

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Same. Sometimes at night suddenly cant breathe have to sit up for a while

Me too. Especially when the current weather is so humid and super stale!

Breathless at night and with restless legs.. hard to zzzz

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I feel breathlese when walking at 3 months preg

could be because you have low iron level

Normal. Try to walk slowly for now.