Is your home cleanest...
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In the morning?
In the afternoon?
At night?

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only cleans when my kids sleeping...when they wake up,all will mess up...useless to clean before they sleep again...

Not the cleanest and the most organized, but not a mess! We make cleaning and organizing a fun family activity.

The entire day. I've been diagnosed with OCD. So you can imagine what I spend my time doing.

As long as the kids are not around, everything is clean in and out.

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Pick up toys before I go to sleep. So yes, evening. Haha

Because kids go school. No one to mess up house

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While kids are asleep, i would tidy the area.


When my child and others not mess it up

When my daughter is still sleeping. Hahahaha

5y ago

Lol. True indeed!

All the time malinis dapat ❤️