Is this the safest nasal drops for babies under 1yr?

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Salinase is pretty much sodium chloride which is salt and water; it is mild enough for babies. But I've read online that some parents prefer using Muconase because it comes in a sprayer bottle as opposed to the Salinase nasal drops. They feel that Muconase is easier to use on younger babies.

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I use Sterimar, which is very similar to Salinase as it also only contains sodium chloride (salt) and water. It has an application nozzle that helps to cater to baby's small nostrils and facilitate application. My baby doesn't really like it but at least she seldom shuns it, which i find it easy to handle.

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What I did was to use Sterimar Baby Nasal Spray (got it from KK Hospital). My son would squirm a little but I can definitely see that his nose clears immediately. It's especially good if the mucus if already dry/thick and you can't get it out easily. My cousin also uses this on her baby and swears by it.

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2y ago

May i know where to get this

My PD recommended this when my lo was just 4 weeks old.