Is it okay to use camera flash when taking pictures of baby? Will it damage her eyes? #WhenBabyIsyourFaveSubject

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I've asked my doctor this before and he chuckled! Hahaha. There is no scientific proven claims that camera flashes can cause damages to a baby's eyes as flashes are diffused light so they’re harmless. Nevertheless, I still am over-anxious and have always reminded anyone who wants to snap his picture to off their flash. I mean, it may not be harmful but do you like it if the flash is on and close up to you?

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Like what Nooraini said, it is unlikely that the flash of the camera will cause any damage to a baby’s eye. Just to add on, the flash of the camera is in fact of similar brightness to that of outdoor lighting. However, it appears bright due to the contrast from the darker surrounding (which warrant the use of the camera flash).

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If so, then there would be a lot of blind babies around. I too was worried, but realised that it doesn't cause harm and definitely does not damage her eyes. I prefer to take photos without the flash on though. Flash makes the picture look overexposed.

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