Is it okay for your wife to have guy friends?

Is it okay for your wife to have guy friends?

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why not?

no way

Yes why not... why should I stop her to make friends be it a guy or a girl!

all of us need friends

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why not ? human need friends

There's nothing wrong in wife having guy friends, so far it is defined and infidelity does not set in.

There's nothing bad in having guy friends as a wife, so far the boundaries are well demarcated

Ever since my husband and I got together in 2011 we are allowed to have friends of the opposite sex only if we introduce them to one another! So every friend (girl) of his I know and all my friends(boys) he knows. One thing i highly recommend you guys& girls is that having friends isn't bad and don't start cutting people off just cause your partner doesn't like it! You never know if you will be with your partner forever and at the end of the day you will have zero friends!

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