baby 1 month old hepatitis B second dose @ polyclinic

initial appointment date was 20 May but postponed to 1 June when my baby is 6 weeks old, went home after vaccine. no physical examination at all even though health booklet shows there should be for 4 to 8 weeks checkup. nurse only say 3 month checkup, will do the 3 month physical check. what about the 4 to 8 weeks physical examination? why do they skip? or do i need to book a new appointment for 1 month physical examination?

baby 1 month old hepatitis B second dose @ polyclinic
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called the polyclinic number to book my postpartum appointment & ask them about this, they said they will do it when baby 3 months.. i prefer they check thoroughly now so Monday 8 June i will ask at the counter directly if can walk-in consultation

I ask the nurse for physical checkup too. She said parents can self observed if your baby hit the milestones and should there be any concern, you can visit polyclinic for doctor to check.

I went for vaccination at week 6 too. After vaccination, there was another appointment to see the doctor. The doctor checked and filled in the page. Maybe you can call to check.

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Sometimes they combined them...maybe because of current situation they minimize the trips you and baby have to take for lesser risk

Mine also no physical examination!!! They told me only at 3 months!!!

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This is weird. Usually, they would check. You can call to ask.

U should call and verify woth them