Hungry but eat abit full. 2-3 hrs later hungry again. First tri..

In my first tri. When I'm hungry, i eat but eat abit full/queasy already. 2-3 hrs later hungry again. So tiring.. Is it the food i eat not nutritous or really not enough for baby? #1stimemom

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It’s normal! I ate the most at my first tri, put on 5kg! And like you, I felt soo tiring that I had to keep finding food for myself. But when I reach 2nd tri, I didn’t get to put on weight, in fact my weight keeps dropping because I couldn’t eat well. I puke everything I ate, especially when I ate something oily/carbs! Later when I checked with my gynae, she shared with me that it’s because baby’s breeching position, it affects our appetites. That’s why I puke all the time during/after each meal (this is even more tiring)!! Again, there’s no need to worry, when you baby turns, your appetite will pick up! By the time I start to put on weight, I need to deliver already! I’m not saying you will, but in case baby is not cooperating with you in your 2nd tri, by then you want to eat you will feel even more sian! So enjoy the “eating” while you can now.. haha!!!

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Very normal. I eat full meal and will be veryyyyy hungry 2hrs ltr, like i have not eaten for months. Sometimes right aft the meal. crazyyyyyy. haha.

Very normal. I'm in the 2nd tri already & can't eat much. Tummy feels full quick cos of the expanding uterus that is pushing up all the organs


it's normal I lost 5kg during first trimester but whole pregnancy gain 22kg. baby came out at 36 weeks weighing 3.2kg

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Perfectly normal during the 1st trimester (:

It is normal