NT SCAN for Sown syndrome

I’m very worried after the NT scan result came out was 2.6mm over normal range 2.4mm. 13 weeks now. Nasal bone seen. Anyone can share their experience?

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Yeap, mine was a bit high risk too. But nasal bone was seen. Didn’t take any further tests. Leave it as it is. I’m due in 2 weeks now and baby is growing healthily with all limbs and facial features in tact.

2mo ago

Hi, may I know how was your baby? I had the same risk ratio as you.

If you are worry, I recommend you to consider NIPT test. I did mine at KKH M, cost $750, test accuracy is >99%. The test is Harmony test. Hope the above information help you. God bless you and baby.

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The highest was 4mm. So if you did not exceed over 4mm it should be fine. My friends tested high risk but their children came out to be very healthy. Don't worry too much, stay positive!

Hi Nicole, did u proceed for further checks? Is everything fine?