NT measurement at 5mm

Hi, just came back from thr scan and results shows NT measurement of 5mm. Am in my 12th week. Could someone share if you have experienced the same? I am worried sick.

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Super Mum

Hi dear, the news must be causing you a lot of distress. At the same time, the NT measurement isn’t the only assessment for Downs Syndrome. It needs to be interpreted together with the blood test... so please don’t fret yet, and wait for the blood test result, which your gynae should go through with you. There are babies with a higher NT measurement who turn out not to have any chromosomal abnormalities. Hope you’ll get to see your gynae soon.

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Hi jasmine today i went for routine week12 checkup.. Nt is 4.9mm.. I am so worried too. Any advice on the step u took?

3mo ago

Hi jasmine and gim Jun. Very similar case here. Oscar test showed baby NT 3.5mm. Just did CVS test cum CMA. Now awaiting for results. Also did at Thomson with dr Eunice. Gim jun, how’s ur baby doing?

Hi jasmine, how is everything going?

1y ago

hi both... glad things went well for u two. I'm nt 3.4mm and nipt low risk, gynae advised to do amniocentesis, should I proceed ? sigh even if its negative there might be other heart defects etc. so devastating