FTS High NT 5.5

Anyone had experience with very high NT score? I am currently at 13 weeks and my FTS at KKH flagged out that my baby has an abnormally high NT at 5.5. NIPT listed us as Lowrisk for DS but we were still thrown many scary statistics and possibilities for other abnormalities. Currently scheduled for amniocentesis at 16 was and detailed cardiac scan. May I know if anyone had experience with such high NT before?

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NIPT is more accurate. for me i didnt do any FTS. i think only public hosp required to FTS even if u also opt for NIPT. i have to pay double money at sgh last year. zzz. this time i seeing private gynae at mount alvernia, and she only ask me to do NIPT and not FTS. so i think FTS reading is not as accurate as NIPT. so dont worry :)

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If the nipt test is ok then actually you shouldn’t worry too much as nipt has higher accuracy .. My FTS was high too but nipt was low and the gynae said to look at the nipt result instead..

3mo ago

Hi mind sharing ur nt measurement? Thank you

hello Mommy, did FTS and was 5.3 .. risk was 1 out of 153, and so i proceeded to do amnio. Fast forward now Bb is 4 mth old and Happy & Healthy since birth ! Stay positive ✨️

3mo ago

Yup . All clear.. 😊

NIPT is 99% accurate vs scan that is 80%. if you just look at nipt, and listed low risk - I doubt much to worry. however feel free to get gyae opinion, at most do ammo.

mine was high too, 4.5cm. I did amnio too. baby now healthy and happy toddler

Hi what happened after the tests? Do u mind sharing? Thank you

2mo ago

Hi I got referred to do a CMA and WES test at KKH, cost about $10k overall but results were inconclusive due to insufficient data currently available. 30 week scan looks normal so dr suggest to just monitor