Help on Using Breast Pump

I'm using spectra s1 and have difficulty with expressing from left boob. Hard to get let down in massage mode. However, when I hand express, there is good flow of milk coming out. Seems like the pump is not getting to all the "outlets" of the nips?

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Massage before pump and use the pump to assist you to clear your boobs by when you have let down hand compress too. It happen to me in the first few month after that it gets normal. Just rmb massage before pump is easier.

Same here! At times I felt that hand express works faster but very tiring.. Lol.. I also tried using an haakaa, seems to work well too.

4y ago

there is a trick to using Haakaa.

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Same! Im having problem with my left boob too. I used to have problem with my right and now its my left side 😭

4y ago

Yes got supply! I dont know how it happen 😂 it annoys me when my left side cannot come out milk now haha

i feel hand express and haakaa works better than others 😂