I'm using pigeon ppsu n pp feeding bottles. For those who use the above materials.. how often do u change the bottles as well as the teats

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For ppsu the bottles can last a year while pp bottles last half a year. For the teats have to change every six months. Btw curious what size teats are your babies using? My gal is 11mo and I am still on S size teats because she sucks very hard. But recently found that she is losing bit interest in milk, not sure if I should use M size

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7y ago

My 5 mths still using s size too, sometimes I direct latch so will keep to small size in case he prefers bottle feeding

Every 3 months for me. I used to use glass bottles. Glass bottles did mot require me to change as often. As for the teat i change every few months as well depending on the condition. Not sure if there is any recommended period though.

Pigeon PPSU bottle every 6 months & every 3 months for teats