I'm twelve weeks pregnant. Recently, after an ultrasound, my doctor told me that I had a uterus blood clot right below my fetus and was given medication named Duphaston with one week HL. He didn't give me any further information, but told me to avoid carry heavy things and intercourse. My next appt with him is 4 weeks later. I went Google and suspect I might be suffering from subchorionic hemorrhage. Should I be worried?

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I'm also 12 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with bleeding in the sac since week 8. Doc gave the same medication and advised the same (don't carry heavy things, no sex). Since then during the 4 weeks period, as I noticed spotting and also vaginal bleeding, I have went back and doc prescribed progesterone pills with antibiotics as well. My advise is just to monitor the situation and if you experience bleeding then to quickly call your gynae to check. So far it has been reassuring, as my ultrasounds have shown a healthy baby. :)

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