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Im trying to conceive

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I tried for 2 years and not successful even after charting my ovulation. So 2 things I did: check my womb health and got an ovulation test kit. The first helped me identify if it is something preventing me or my hubby from conceiving. Turned out I have 3 polyps when scanned and 5 after day surgery. Removed them and healed for 2 months. Bought the ovulation test kits to make targetted trying when ovulation is occurring. Conceived after the first smiley face shown on the test kit. Got the test kits from guardian at $60 over with 10 or 12 kits.. used up 6 as I kept testing when nearer my ovulation week. Hope it helps

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Plot your ovulation & work hard during that week. 🙂 it will be easier if your menstrual cycle is fix. There’s a lot of app online to help you chart your cycle. Gd luck!

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All the best!

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good luck