Third Trimester

I'm on my third trimester 33 weeks . But I have the mood to have sex with my husband. But he's afraid that anything can happen during. Is it safe to have safe at 33 weeks ?

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If ur pregnancy is gg well and baby had not yet descended, still ok to. Best to check with gynae as I was told tt semen can soften ur cervix and orgasm may cause contractions. I was advised to make love at 38 wks as my baby was still high up but I was too tired then so had to be induced as baby was big alr >.

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Definitely safe as your baby is inside the amniotic fluid and does not even bother with what's going on 😅 just not too rough and some position may hurt or feels uncomfortable for you. Of course unless your gynae told you to refrain from sex.

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Check with ur gynae for clearance ... But I also heard from some of my gfs that having sex night stimulate womb contractions so u might want to take note of this...

Your mood is normal. 😅 It's best to see your OB to be sure.