I'm a SAHM..Ever since my #2 arrival, me and my husb always quarrel and quarrel infront of my #1 who is 33mth and also #2 even tho #2 still don't understand... i always told my husb not to quarrel infront if the kids but he always don't want to listen... sometime he even can me names infront of the kids.. i feel because of my husb quarrel infront of my kids, #1 seem to lost respect to me and become bad tempered etc etc.. what should i do? Sometime i feel i want to give up living, give up in this marriage.. what should i do so my kids won't lost their respect to me and won't follow their father footstep?

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I understand your frustration. mayb try to talk in close door like when ur kids are asleep, and when both of u are more clam, talk to ur partner inside the room and explain the unhappiness thats happening. I been wher u are, and things can get ugly sometimes. my kids are everytg to me now after 10years of marriage, it affact my daughter alot and shes only 8 now, and she seens everytg since day 1..at times they still talk about it and told me how they really feel at that point of time. as a mother it really sad to hear from our own child that they remember what's going on eventho we as parents think that they too young to understand, but the generations now is diffrent than the past. dnt let anger control u in watever situation is. tc my friend

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