Childbirth at 37 weeks

Hi. Im now at 35weeks and my baby weight is aldy 3.1kg. My gynae recommend for labour once reach 37 weeks if cervix aldy dilated 3-4cm. She also advised to limit sugary foods in my diet. Anyone gave birth at 37 weeks or earlier? Is there any problems? Can share with me?

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I gave birth my daughter at 37 weeks before due date cause water burst..Alhamdulillah she was good though the weight was 2.6 kg πŸ™Š

My 3 kids are born at 37 weeks. It's already a full term pregnancy so nothing to worry about. No complications so far.

at 37weeks due to my medical conditions, my lo is a active little one, weigh 2.6kg at birth

I give birth 37 weeks my gynae told me to do induced labour as baby weight around 3 kg


I gave birth at 36 weeks baby weight 3.2kg very healthy

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considered full term πŸ’•