When should I start to see small baby bump? Week 7 now.

I'm in week7 day2, my embriyo is 0.92cm (measured 2 days ago). Am wondering when can I start to see mini baby bump? At least prolly I'll feel safe, I'll know the embriyo is growing. I envy some mummies that they have baby bumps early. I read online that underweight/smaller size mummies will see visible bump earlier? Is't true? I havent been able to exercise due to my ovarian cysts operation in late Jan22. Was only discharged in mid Mar22. My tummy muscles are basically non existence (I ate and sleep whole day for the whole 1 month hosp leave). Since so, will my tummy show faster? 😔 I'm 1.63m, 45kg. But my belly still doesn't show any bump. I'm worried. 😣 #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #pregnancy

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7 weeks is too early to see a bump yet. in fact the whole first trimester, no one could really tell I was pregnant and I was able to still fit my regular denim shorts. yes, I did read that usually smaller frame girls will see the bump earlier and more so if this is not your first pregnancy. but typically, bumps will only really start to show from mid second trimester onwards, but also depending on your body shape. but it's okay, as long as your baby is growing on track, the bump size isn't that important since it varies for each pregnancy and everyone! I'm a 159cm in height and 56kg in weight pre pregnancy and my bump only kinda showed from week 18 onwards.

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i think it is normal for first time oregnancies. for me, i only started showing that im pregnant at 8th mth. suddenly it grows so big. when i was on the 5th mth ppl thought my bump was so small and i became so troubled. but alhamdulillah baby came out fine. for my 2nd born, it is very fast. i can see clear high bump at week 6 day 1. and my third, im seeing now at week 6 day 5. so dont worry. im 160cm weighing at maybe ard 55kg

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Hi, im currently in first preg. I read first preg dont show as easily, cos tummy muscles not stretched before. I only now just abt to show abit (but sometimes teethering between fat and preg, cos i uk size 12, abt 74kg. Bigger sized will show even later. Im 23 wks now.

First pregnancy won’t show so fast and won’t be obvious. If gynae says everything is fine and baby is fine, then everything is fine and baby is fine. Do not worry simply because your bump is small. Bump big or small is not an indicator of baby healthy or not.

I'm a ftm with baby girl, 155cm 44kg and baby bump and movement shows super early for me.. mini bump as early as week 15, but obvious under shirt/dress in week 18 onwards.. feel movement twice in week 10 then week 15 start feeling the fluffy movements..

Mine started showing slightly around week 22 onwards. 1.58m, 43kg pre-pregnancy. I read somewhere where they mentioned FTM will have a slightly smaller bump and also depending on the gender of your baby. Mine is a baby girl so my bump was quite small.

7 wk is toooo early. im less than 40kg pre preg. still less than 40wk at 15wk. so yes, im super petite. my bump only started this week & only obvious to my own eyes aft a super heavy meal. other ppl would only pass off as food baby if they notice it

im kinda petite 158cm and 52kg pre pregnancy .. too early to see any bumps at 7 weeks .. i only have a mini bump at 19 weeks and an obvious one at 21 weeks .. prior to 18 weeks, looks like a bump but it was just bloatedness really ..

Usually first baby won't show so soon. I didn't had a bump till I was 7 months pregnant with my #1

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Week 13 still no bump yet too