When should I start to see small baby bump? Week 7 now.

I'm in week7 day2, my embriyo is 0.92cm (measured 2 days ago). Am wondering when can I start to see mini baby bump? At least prolly I'll feel safe, I'll know the embriyo is growing. I envy some mummies that they have baby bumps early. I read online that underweight/smaller size mummies will see visible bump earlier? Is't true? I havent been able to exercise due to my ovarian cysts operation in late Jan22. Was only discharged in mid Mar22. My tummy muscles are basically non existence (I ate and sleep whole day for the whole 1 month hosp leave). Since so, will my tummy show faster? 😔 I'm 1.63m, 45kg. But my belly still doesn't show any bump. I'm worried. 😣 #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #pregnancy

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7 weeks is too early to see a bump yet. in fact the whole first trimester, no one could really tell I was pregnant and I was able to still fit my regular denim shorts. yes, I did read that usually smaller frame girls will see the bump earlier and more so if this is not your first pregnancy. but typically, bumps will only really start to show from mid second trimester onwards, but also depending on your body shape. but it's okay, as long as your baby is growing on track, the bump size isn't that important since it varies for each pregnancy and everyone! I'm a 159cm in height and 56kg in weight pre pregnancy and my bump only kinda showed from week 18 onwards.

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