Gassy and vomiting

Hi im in my first trimester and its really difficult cause im feeling very gassy bloated n even after taking the nausea meds i still vomit. Having dizzy spells. And its so irritating 😫 any natural remedies here? I've tried several ways but doesnt seem to work it comes back the next day n im losing my appetite every day now 😭

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what kind of nausea meds are you taking? I'm having the same feels but I do not vomit. more of nausea and food aversions. I have read that eating small meals thru out the day works with plain biscuits

ppl always say drink ginger tea to curb bloatedness but I personally feel applying ruyi oil on tummy is the best.

2mo ago

yes ruyi oil! my go to every night now.

Hello! I recently just went to my TCM and she advised not to apply ruyi oil ya. Not sure why though

Same here 🥲🥲🥲 feel like s***

you can try essential oils

2mo ago

what kind of essential oil? do reccomend :)