Can i eat bakuteh during pregnancy?

Im in my 2nd trimester now and bakuteh has always been my fav afraid the herbs in the broth/soup may have effects to my pregnancy..can o cannot eat ar...hmmmmmmm #bakuteh #pregnancy #eatbakutehduringpregnancy

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Tulis jawapan

I found mixed answers in google. Some said its ok but in moderation and some said its not safe as it's too heaty. 😅 Reasons: 1. The herbs used in the broth could be harmful to unborn 2. High salt content cause BP to rise 3. Uncooked meat 4. Bak Kut Teh is considered heaty (?) So, to me, I guess you can eat it in moderation but try asking your doctor and nurse for confirmation?

Baca lagi

well… im not sure abt the ingredients in bakuteh but if like normal herbs should be fine. As long as the food is cooked thoroughly and not raw. Normal herbs in foods has no effects on pregnancies. But you can double check on the ingredients first

10mo ago

i hope so too😊

thks a lot🥰