Brazilian sugaring/waxing @ 3rd trim

Im a frequent brazillian sugaring/waxing and been doing since pre pregnancy, and now 34 weeks. Altho doing it in 3rd trim more painful and usually my below will be swollen, i wish to go for the last one before delivery😂 thought of going for the least time @ 38/39weeks. Those mummies that get brazillian sugaring/waxing, when’s the latest you did before giving birth ? 2weeks before EDD or few days before delivery #FTM

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I got a dream. My baby say he’s coming at week 38. So I went to do at week 37. Haha made it in time. Did lash / sugaring / in time. Follow ur heart! I would advice u 2 weeks before. Hehe

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I did Brazilian (first time and god damn it hurts like nshdhdhd) 1 week before EDD but gave birth 2 weeks later 😃.

i went a few days before my planned induced delivery day

i did brazilian few days before my scheduled c-sec

I went 5 days before natural birth 😂