First time sending child to pre-school

Hi all, im a first time mum. Can u share how difficult it was sending your child to preschool for the first time? I want to send my daughter to PG or half day CC as soon as she reaches 18m but im not sure if i bear to do so. Can anyone share your experience pls?

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I’m a first time mom too, and also a preschool teacher. I too will have the same problem as you when my little one turns 18m in future and I’ll be asking myself If I bear to do so. If u don’t mind, I can share with you some of my experience with 18m as a preschool teacher rather than FTM. Firstly, you need to be prepared yourself. Some parents will have separation anxiety when they send their child to school at 18m. I’ve parents who cried together with their child when they’re in school, and to the extend they couldn’t take it, gave up and withdrew the child from school because they couldn’t bear to see him/her crying so terribly. What you can do is to not show this side to your child. Prepare your child from the day you enrol her till the day she enter the sch that she’s going to sch to play with friends etc. Of course what’s most importantly, don’t give up just because you couldn’t bear to see her cry. It’s part and parcel of growing up and entering school, they’ll eventually get use to it. Just give the child time, and also trust the Teachers in the school. Secondly, have mental preparation that she’ll fall sick during the first few weeks in school. It’s normal and it’s their way of building immune system. Hope it helps!

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Hi , i sent mine at 18m old . I find that he wants to have fun , mix with friends and seems to feel bored at home .