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Hi mummies. Am sending my 18m to school in September (she will turn 20 months by then). Can i know for the start do u send ur child in for 2 hrs or half day? Or literally started full day? I know the starting will be hard but I'm trying to figure out which will be a better option for her to adapt more comfortably. Also, does the separation anxiety for them kicks in again after the weekends? I'm sending her on wed, so I'm pretty worried if the following Monday she will cry murder again. #1stimemom #pleasehelp #advicepls

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If you have flexibility u can try this. Start on Wednesday stay with child from 9-12. Following Monday send child in alone 9-12 for a whole week. The third week can do 9-4 and full day progressively. Works best with the children i work with at preschool. Good luck mummy!

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thank you mummy! sounds good. praying so hard for my girl to adapt to it as she is super clingy. 😭

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First 2 days be prepared for maximum half day. After that can test full day or until 4pm. Usually depends on child, their reaction to school environment as it’s new. Some of my friends toddlers by day 2 can go full day. Some... one month still cry