Clingy 19M to PG

Hi mummies. #1stimemom here. I have a clingy 17m girl, in 2 months time. She will be entering PG. Can anyone share if u have the same experience? And will it actually scares your child to the extend of being traumatised/ having nightmare due to fear of abandoned by mum? As much as I know she will cry during the start, how can I observe things are coping well for her or what should I take note of? #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Super Mum

Hi mama, Yup for sure, she’ll cry due to the separation anxiety. However, it will be a phase that she will resiliently get through with your help. I find the following helped me with all three of my kids who entered playgroup/daycare at 18 months: 1) speak with your LO - tell her that you’ll have to leave her in the care of teachers and you’ll be back to get her 2) have a routine in the morning before you drop her and make sure that when you pick her, spend that quality time with her. That way, she is assured that her time with you has not changed. 3) never look back when you drop her off at playgroup. Once you’ve said your goodbye, walk away. I’m not saying that you should be mean in any way, but looking back sends the message that you’re not sure about where you’ve left her - that even you aren’t confident of the people whom you’re leaving her with. It’s hard but make it a firm goodbye and I’ll see you later. I hope this helps!

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I borrowed storybooks about going to preschool and what do kids do in preschool. LO didn’t cry the first day I dropped him off because it probably seemed fun. Next 2 weeks he cried every morning drop-off 😓 Eventually teacher knows his pattern and was able to managed him.